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it's objecting the work of these u.s. investigators while washington and allies deciding how to best respond to this. chuck hagel says u.s. forces are now ready to go. >> well, as i've said, and i think prime minister cameron has said, our allies and leaders all over the world have said, let's get the facts. let's get the intelligence and then a decision will be made on whether action should be taken, if action should be taken, what action or no action. >> if it comes, you're ready to go like that? >> we're ready to go like that. >> what are the options for president obama if he's ready to go, and what will be the goal of the mission? cnn's pentagon correspondent reports. >> reporter: within days president obama's national security team will present the final detailed options, and the administration is already making the case for taking action against syria. >> president obama believes there must be account ability for those that will use the world's most heinous weapons against the most vulnerable people. >> reporter: he called it. >> a moral obscenity. >> reporter: four navy destro
is covering the syrian crisis from washington. hi, wolf. >> this is a very, very sensitive, tricky issue from the president, whether to seek congressional authorization. back in 2007 when he was a united states senator, he said this. he said in a boston globe interview, "the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." gloria borger and john king are here with me. the senator was very specific on this. the question is, yes, the syrian regime represents a major threat to its own people, but does it represent what the president calls an imminent or axl threat to the united states? >> well, welcome to the presidency. this is a president that's probably stunned that he's saying what he's saying now. you have a different perspective when you're in the oval office. there's no doubt about it. here's a president who's defending drones, defending nsa surveillance, talking about a surgical military strike, who's just winding down two wars and who clearly, if
but there may be something to those accusations. the washington reporting the result of an internal nsa investigation that found nearly 3,000 cases of broken rule, privacy rules in one year. >> a general impression has taken hold not only among the american public but also around the world that somewhat we're out there -- >> that was president obama just days ago assuring the american public that the gnanational security agency was not breeching the trust of its citizens. a new report may raise concerns. after combing through the documents leaked by edward snowden, the post reports that the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since 2008. the postsays most of the incidents involve surveillance of americans and foreign intelligence targets on u.s. soil in ways that violate the program's rule. of those incidents the post reports most were unintended. an area code mix up caused the nsa to intercept a large number of calls from washington, d.c. instead of from egypt. the nsa response was quick. overnight the agency released a pointed statement. nsa's foreign intelligenc
to strike off syria's coast, and washington saying it is certainly the assad regime used chemical weapons on its people, at first glance damascus doesn't appear to be on the edge. this man is with the police force and says he is not afraid of u.s. air strikes. >> translator: this is my country, he says, i believe we're winning. >> reporter: others are counting on help from above. >> translator: this doesn't scare me, she says, i believe in god so much that i know that the usa can't do anything. >> reporter: the war is never far away in damascus with plumes of smoke from artillery strikes constantly rising over the out stirts of the capital. at damascus university many remain loyal to bashar al-assad and say they don't believe the military used nerve gas against civilians. >> translator: i believe that chemical weapons were used in some way in certain areas, he says, but i don't think the government did it because they know what the results would be. >> reporter: dig down, and you find a sense of unease. the historic market in the old town is far emptier than usual. syria's economy is in a
by the military last month and washington is not yet calling it a coup. >>> egypt security forces may have upped the ante in their ongoing conflict. they arrested the group's spiritual leader today. he's 70 years old. the state run tv says he's accused of inciting violence. he was found in an apartment in cairo after being on the run. his 38-year-old son was just killed in the violence he's the most senior leader. what's been the reaction there to his arrest? >> reporter: even though he's now in custody that doesn't dent the capacity to act of the millions of members of the muslim brotherhood. state media released details about this arrest having shown pictures of him looking a little disshhevelled with an armed man next to him. they raided the school and found the automatic rifle and pistol and a bunch of equipment they say had been taken in a militant raid on a police station about 90 kilometers south of cairo where i'm standing. effectively bolstering their narrative. he was hiding with someone with links to militancy. throughout the day further arrests. 56 organizers arrested. another middle
to continue to move. >> absolutely. and senator mccain of course one of the most vocal people in washington for the policy coming from washington and of course a big critic of the obama administration as well. well, our chris cuomo will be talking about president obama and probably asking questions about this and about some thorny u.s. foreign policy issues and his exclusive interview will come tomorrow here on cnn. >> we'll be watching and in egypt hosni mubarak was released from prison today and transferred to a military hospital. this is in cairo. he will be under house arrest. >> mubarak's release is raising questions about whether the arab spring revolution in cairo and egypt was all for nothing. it was the revolution that forced mubarak from power in 2011. the man who replaced him, muhamed morsi was ousted in the july 3rd coup. right now egypt is in turmoil. >> want to bring in nick paton walsh that joins us and first of all explain to us what's happening here. mubarak has been released but in a military hospital and still faces serious charges regarding death of protesters. so what h
across washington when a crucial message was intercepted involving communications in the last several days among senior al qaeda operatives. >> this is a wake up call. al qaeda is stronger than it was on 9/11. >> reporter: final planning for an attack may be complete. dozens of u.s. intelligence analysts are scouring databases, tell telephones and websites. chuck hagel ordered u.s. forts in spain and italy onto a higher state of alert. 1500 marines on three navy warships will remain off the coast of yemen ready to react. cnn has agreed to an official requests to with hold details of an intercept that helped trigger a response because the information is so sensitive. it's the controversial nsa, electronic surveillance program that picked up the alarming terrorist chatter. >> what we have heard is some specifics on what's intended to be done and some individuals who are making plans such as we saw before 9/11. >> reporter: barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> a global travel alert is in effect for americans traveling outside the united states and the alert could cause disruptions. i want
years based in washington but known to many of us. he worked for us, cnn in our rome bureau and london bureau. he was a long time camera man. he covered the civil war in beirut. his producer says he have shot by what the producer says was a sniper on the government side as he was lifting his camera to his shoulder he have hit just below the heart in his chest area. did not die immediately but died pretty soon afterwards. reuters photo journalist shot and wounded. hit in the leg. she's been treated a t a hospital and another journalist may also have been shot as this day continues. >> terrible situation. this coup that removed president morsi from office lit the fuse that set off this very crisis that's unfolding right now. >> what it means for the region as well. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pil
in the region. >> yeah, wolf blitzer joining us now from washington to talk about the obama administration's diplomatic dilemma. the u.s. has of course tiptoed around calling this a coup, this overthrow. now we see the escalation in violence. what the president said at the end of the day really when it comes to those listening overseas, not much. >> well, the u.s. can speak to the egyptians at very high levels. and they've been trying to do exactly that over the past several weeks. it really hasn't made much of a dent apparently. what chuck hagel, the defense secretary, has been saying to the leader of the egyptian military general urging calm, clearly egyptian military wanted to go in yesterday and crush those demonstrators, those who supported the ousted president mohamed morsi. but at the same time there was some brutal violence on the streets. so there's limited u.s. options right now. the president did not end u.s. military aid to egypt, certainly did not go that far. he didn't say it was a coup. he said, yes, there was military intervention that removed mohamed morsi, but he wasn't e
th anniversary of the march on washington. what did she say about that and the whole impact? >> just a couple of weeks before. it releases on august 15th. like you said this is her first dramatic role in 15 years. according to her it was only by the persistence of lee daniels who got her to say yes and the story of the influence of domestic workers. she told me the movie's message helps keep the conversations about race relations going. she hopes this generation sees there's a different way of being a warrior and fighting for your rights. >> i was going through building on. thank goodness we were on the other side. i said to lee this is the absolute worst time you could ask me to do anything lee. he just would not take no for an answer. i think that one of reasons why there's so much still, lingering prejudice and racism is we don't get to see people as ourselves. this was an opportunity to let the world feel the heart of the butler the heart of this period that really was a defining period in the lives of many black people but also our nation. >> again
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that for a future state. >> middle east expert aaron david miller joins us from washington. i'd like to begin with you. tell us what israeli officials have to say about this particular decision. >> reporter: israel is saying in the case of the 1,000 settlements this were announced on sunday is they're going to be in places in parts of the west bank and east jerusalem which would be part of the state of israel whatever the negotiations lead to at their finality. they are saying this wouldn't be in palestinian territory but in territory they consider to be the state of israel. with the announcement today they would be building an additional 900 settlement units, as the israelis have said they need to grow their cities and provide homes for their people. the housing minister this sunday said no state would tell another state and dictate how and where they could build on their own land. the chief negotiator said this is unacceptable and he said to us on sunday that he's considering stopping the peace negotiations which are rescheduled to begin tomorrow. both sides very contentious over this issue
on in this hour. >>> the flat out rejection from washington's closest ally. who is left now that britain says it will not take part in military action in syria. we'll take a look at where each country stands on military intervention. >>> we'll bring you live remarks from john kerry this hour. now, would you go? but yt man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. mpls we're getting new video in. it's hard to watch. it's anotherlleged chemical attack in syria. opposition groups are claiming this attack hit civilians. this happened earlier in the week. >> it appears to show people suffering from burns and it is very difficult to watch. arwa damon joins us live. what does this video show? >> reporter: well, before we start showing that vide
had the yemeni embassy in washington, d.c. sounding displeased about that saying this only serves the interest of extremists there, that this would under mine the counterterrorism measures that were being taken, so it will be interesting to see with this key partnership if it recovers and how this will develop over the coming days and weeks at a time when or and more drone strikes are happening at least six in the last two weeks alone. >> just quickly, almost out of time, ask you this, a lot of people are starting to say we won't see any u.s. troops on the ground per se, but there is whispering if you like about special operations and perhaps considered, been there training in places, but actually pulling triggers, is that even on the cards? >> when you speak to u.s. officials, yemeni officials, they say absolutely. the u.s. has been loathe to talk about any kind of training missions they have there or if they have any boots on the ground there. clearly the u.s. wants to maintain their only presence will be with drones. we know from yemeni officials the last few years there is a s
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)